Sadly many Australians continue to test positive to COVID-19 each and every day.

On behalf of the Federal Opposition, we send our best wishes to the Prime Minister for a speedy recovery. We sincerely hope the Prime Minister does not experience any serious symptoms over the coming days.

The meeting of National Cabinet on Wednesday cannot come soon enough. Millions of Australians are desperate for cost of living relief now, and were promised that this National Cabinet meeting would deliver it.

No one begrudges the Prime Minister taking the sensible precaution of isolating at home after contracting COVID-19.

Over the course of the pandemic, hundreds of thousands of Australians have contracted COVID-19 and they have continued to work from home.

In the Prime Minister’s statement this evening, he said he will continue to work from home.

Indeed, the National Cabinet has met almost exclusively via telepresence since its inception in early 2020.

Australians were promised cost of living relief would be delivered at this meeting of National Cabinet. They are relying on this meeting to take place.

Hopefully the Prime Minister reconsiders his decision to cancel the meeting.