As we emerge from the unique challenges thrown at us in 2020, I wanted to take this opportunity to wish you a happy and safe holiday season.

Very few would even have dreamt how this year continues to pan out, with individuals and families (likewise the federal government) forced to adapt and adjust to the unknowns and variables of a global medical emergency, smack bang after the Black Summer fires.

The impact of the Coronavirus in Farrer seemed to characterise everything we did; stretching us with heartbreaking examples of loved ones kept apart, the massive hit to small business (particularly during border closures), and the sad death of a local woman in April.

The work of our police and defence personnel, emergency services, medical staff and volunteers deserve special acknowledgment here, some leaving family and friends behind for extended periods to help protect us from danger. I sincerely hope you receive a well-earned rest after an unremitting 12 months.

A rollercoaster also for our ever-resilient farmers, perhaps the best outcome this year has been more consistent rainfall and an emergence from drought, producing some bumper crops and yields. That is an enormous boost for a region dependent on a thriving agricultural sector.

Into 2021 the Morrison Government’s focus will remain on delivering both the local and broader economic support we need to move past the pandemic, helping Farrer’s communities more confidently tackle the path ahead.

Where you can locally shop, stop, visit or stay…please do, as it benefits all of us.

And a reminder for those near waterways, be watchful over youngsters and alert visitors to the unique risks posed when swimming in local rivers and dams.

Whatever this time of year brings, I hope it can involve a break with family, friends or even just a little downtime.

My electorate offices will be closed between Christmas and New Year and reopening from Monday 04 January – but we remain on-call for any critical issues or emergencies during this time.

Best wishes for this festive period and a brand-new year ahead.

Sussan Ley MP
Member for Farrer