The release of the Craik report today highlights the importance of strong environmental protection that Australians can understand, navigate and support.

Dr Wendy Craik examined the interaction between the agricultural sector and the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (EPBC Act) and her report identifies genuine support for environmental protection among farmers but also the challenges faced in managing complex Commonwealth and State legislation.

I believe strongly in the need to bring environmental, farming and business interests together to ensure that we are protecting our environment and our way of living.

As Minister for the Environment, I will commence a ten-year statutory review of the Act by October this year and it is the right time to have a conversation about the best ways we can ensure strong environmental and biodiversity protection measures that encourage people to work together in supporting the environment.

All Australians will have a chance to share their ideas as part of the next statutory review of the EPBC Act, due to commence by October 2019.

A copy of Craik report is available here.