Schools, clubs and coaches can now sign up to be involved with Sporting Schools, the Abbott Government’s new initiative to get more kids active and healthy.

The Minister for Health and Sport Sussan Ley today launched a call to action for individuals and sporting groups to sign up to Australia’s largest school-based participation program prior to its roll out in July 2015.

“The Sporting Schools website is a one-stop-shop that will help bring schools and sports closer together,” Ms Ley said.

“I urge schools, clubs and coaches to register at the website prior to July to ensure they benefit from the Abbott Government’s $100 million Sporting Schools programme.”

The new interactive Sporting Schools website was launched in conjunction with the Government’s new national approach to improving participation in organised sport Play.Sport.Australia.

Ms Ley said all Australian primary schools and coaches can now register to be involved through the Sporting Schools website.

“We know it’s vitally important that we help children right across Australia develop healthy and active habits early in life.

“Sporting Schools is a key part of the Abbott Government’s plan to encourage more Australian children to develop a lifelong interest in sport.”

Also included in the website is a ‘find a local coach or sporting programme provider’ that coaches can register for. All coaches will go through an approval process and have the appropriate working with children checks.

Each year more than 5,700 schools will be funded through Sporting Schools for practical delivery of sports activities that suit their individual needs.

On registering, schools can nominate a Sporting Schools coordinator who will be kept informed through email updates of any new programme feature.

The online platform will allow schools to pick sporting programmes for their students and help them find and link with local coaches and sporting organisations.

Teachers can also register individually to receive access to coaching plans and tools to help them plan and run activities outside of Sporting Schools practical sessions.

In addition, from May 2015 schools can apply for grants on the Sporting Schools website.

Coaches can also now register their interest in being a part of Sporting Schools through the website.

Sporting Schools pilot programmes involving 12 sports will continue to be rolled out over the next few months, with the programme to include more than 30 sports in total from July 2015.

Sporting Schools, through National Sporting Organisations, will work with those interested in gaining coaching qualifications as well as existing coaches who want to be a part of the programme.

More information on Sporting Schools can be found here.