With little consultation, Albury City Council plans to move its 2024 Australia Day awards and citizenship ceremonies away from 26 January – a move only made public through their subscription newsletter.

Regardless of my views, I believe this decision should only have been taken after a vote of Albury Councillors, and only after full and widespread consultation with its residents and ratepayers.

As a result, I have launched a petition asking the council to…

  1. Immediately reverse the decision & return official events to the traditional 26 January date – the rightful date of Australia Day
  2. Show the pride and respect for Australia Day that is to be expected of an important regional council.
  3. Fully consult with local residents on any proposals relating to Australia Day, so that the community’s strong view that Australia Day belongs on January 26 can properly be reflected in decisions made by the Council.

You can support my petition electronically here, or in person at my Albury office, located at 517 Kiewa St, Albury.