A new free online tool will help guide and support athletes, coaches and sports administrators on the potential consequences of illicit drug use in sport.

Minister for Sport Sussan Ley today announced the release of the Illicit Drugs in Sport (IDIS) e-learning education programme, an interactive multi-media resource developed by the Department of Health’s National Integrity of Sport Unit, in partnership with the Australian Sports Commission.

“Illicit drug use is placing a huge burden on society and the health system, and sport provides a powerful platform to influence a wide cross-section of the community,” Ms Ley said.

“In a sporting context, drug use not only affects the performance of an individual, it also lets down their team, family, and can even affect future sponsorship and career opportunities.

“The IDIS programme is specifically aimed at sub-elite athletes, who are younger and don’t necessarily have access to the same resources elite sportspeople do.

“Sporting bodies have been asking for a resource like this and sporting organisations, particularly at lower levels, don’t often have the resources needed to educate their players.”

The IDIS programme reinforces the Government’s strong commitment to promoting clean competition and keeping Australian athletes free from the influence of illicit drugs and performance enhancing substances.

“The spotlight is firmly on integrity in sport at the moment, so it is extremely important for Australia to maintain a strong stance against the use of performance enhancing substances and illicit drugs in sport,” Ms Ley said.

The National Integrity of Sport Unit and Australian Sports Commission will continue to work closely together to promote illicit drugs prevention efforts with national sporting organisations.

The IDIS e-learning education programme is available at: