The Commonwealth Government will support Curtin University’s proposal to establish a new medical school that will help address the health workforce needs of Western Australia.

Curtin University will offer a new five-year undergraduate, direct-entry medical programme that will select and train students to work in areas of need around Western Australia.

Western Australia has fewer doctors per head of population than the rest of Australia.

This medical school will contribute to supporting the health needs of the Western Australian community.

In particular, rural and remote locations will be serviced by well qualified, highly-trained health professionals.

In partnership, the Western Australian Government and the University will be providing all capital funding for the establishment of the new medical school.

The Commonwealth will contribute through the funding of new medical Commonwealth Supported Places (CSPs) for the school from 2019-20.

When the school reaches full capacity in 2022, it will provide 110 new places per year.

The Western Australian Government will ensure that these students receive the further training they require once they have completed their medical school studies.

It will provide new clinical training and supervision, internships and specialist training places for all students of the new school.

This will be in addition to current training and internships provided to students of other medical schools in Western Australia.