The Member for Farrer, Sussan Ley said employment figures released today reveal people looking for work under the Coalition’s new jobactive employment services model are achieving better, long-term employment outcomes.

“The Turnbull Coalition is committed to implementing effective policies to deliver jobs and growth. The 2015 reforms to the Government’s employment services programme clearly show the changes are providing significant benefits to people looking for a job, employers and the local economy,” Ms Ley said.

Since the start of jobactive in July 2015, jobactive providers have recorded over 321,000 placements into jobs across Australia. Of these, over 90,000 were for young job seekers under 25, over 26,000 were for Indigenous job seekers and over 11,000 were for refugees.

Furthermore, a marked increase in the number of people staying in employment under jobactive compared to the previous Labor Government’s Job Services Australia model demonstrates that linking funding to sustained outcomes, rather than shorter-term placements, is paying off.

“In the electorate of Farrer, since July 2015 we have seen 2,383 job placements alone – this is an outstanding result and an endorsement that our reforms are working,” Ms Ley said.

The latest data on employment outcomes for job seekers under jobactive shows a 5.9 per cent increase in the number of paid employment outcomes for job seekers who have remained in work for at least 12 weeks when compared to the first eleven months of the previous employment programme.

That means a greater number of job seekers who have found work under jobactive are sticking with those jobs, compared to the old system. The Coalition’s reforms are delivering more people into work and keeping them there for longer – this is an outstanding result that is good for the individual, families, communities and the broader economy.

Clearly, the greater focus under jobactive on helping employers find candidates who are the right fit, is delivering a real and lasting difference in the lives of thousands of previously unemployed Australians.

“The facts speak for themselves – our system is working in achieving sustainable, long-term outcomes for people wanting to move out of welfare and into employment,” Ms Ley said.

The Turnbull Coalition has committed $7.5 billion to the jobactive programme and is a key part of the Coalition’s employment strategy to reduce barriers to employment and promote workforce participation.

Only the Turnbull Coalition has a comprehensive plan for jobs and growth. We are the only team implementing effective policies to drive the transition to the new economy, create gainful employment opportunities for all and secure a prosperous future for Australian families.