Labor’s pitch for a Future Made In Australia (MIA) Bill is full of spin and devoid of detail. 

While hardworking families and small businesses are struggling with rising costs, the Albanese Labor Government is MIA – missing in action. 

Whilst we await – and will consider – any further detail the government decides to provide, this already looks like the next in what has been nearly two years of announcements and flashy acronyms that promise the world but go nowhere. 

Australia has a proud and strong manufacturing industry and the Coalition has always supported it. That support requires strong economic management and getting the basics right: affordable and reliable energy, flexible workplaces, less regulation, and an incentive based tax system. 

The Prime Minister’s speech has made one thing very clear: this government is more interested in front pages than addressing the cost of living. 

Labor’s policies on energy, industrial relations and tax are all making Australia a less attractive place to do business. 

The facts are clear: insolvencies are up, productivity is down and businesses are struggling just to keep their doors open. 

Deputy Leader of the Opposition Sussan Ley said today’s announcement would be cold comfort for Australian manufacturers desperately struggling.

“Manufacturers are once again being placed on hold as they wait for yet another empty Labor promise to revolutionise Australian industrial policy.

“Meanwhile, those same manufacturers continue to beg for a credible economic plan, lower power prices, and relief from radical IR laws – all things Labor continues to ignore.

“Anthony Albanese has already failed Australian manufacturers with policies that haven’t moved the dial. The much-hyped National Reconstruction Fund was legislated more than a year ago but it still hasn’t spent a single cent.”

Shadow Treasurer Angus Taylor said the MIA Bill will do nothing to restore the collapse in Australians’ standard of living. 

“This is more empty rhetoric from a Labor government that’s all spin and no substance. 

“Government can’t solve the cost of living crisis by throwing hard earned taxpayers’ money around.

“Taxpayers will certainly be the losers from the PM picking winners.”

Shadow Minister for Climate Change and Energy, Ted O’Brien said the Prime Minister delivered a vanity speech full of empty prophecies packaged in words of sweet nothings.    

“After two years in office, the ‘big reveal’ of the Prime Minister’s speech was a series of motherhood statements spruiked in front of a new pull up banner with a flashy new slogan.

“Instead of offering false prophecies, Labor should stop its radical energy experiment which is set to turn the lights out by the 2030s, as 90% of 24/7 ‘always on’ baseload power is set to disappear from the grid over the next 10 years.

“Labor’s all-eggs-in-one-basket renewables-only plan will make our nation weaker, poorer and less productive as we run out of energy and the lights go out, by which time there won’t be much ‘made in Australia’ at all.”