Delivery of the Coalition Government’s   (MBSP) is gaining pace locally, with Telstra today launching its fourth new black spot phone tower in Farrer.

The new mobile base station at Burrumbuttock delivers Telstra’s 3G and state-of-the-art 4GX* mobile data services to this area for the first time.

Welcoming the new service, local MP Sussan Ley said Telstra had already delivered MBSP towers in Farrer near Wentworth, Deniliquin and Bunnaloo (west of Mathoura).

According to Ms Ley, “Burrumbuttock is among 577 new Telstra black spot sites across the country aimed at improving mobile phone and broadband communications outside of the capital cities”.

“One of 14 MBSP locations in Farrer, the Burrumbuttock tower is extremely important, allowing hundreds of local mobile users to conduct business or essential calls, study and research, right down to everyday routine communication needs.”

“Further Telstra towers at Merriwagga (north of Griffith) & Wanganella (north of Deniliquin) will go live in the next month, with a site at Niemur (south of Moulamein) due for completion in February.”

“I am also delighted to note a long-awaited tower at Savernake will be operational by January, with Lowesdale following soon after.”

“Fixing black spots was a key election commitment from the Coalition and a very important promise to my electorate which, together with the local nbn rollout, is filling the communication gaps we’ve historically experienced in parts of the region”, Ms Ley concluded.

Nationally, the first two rounds of the Mobile Black Spot Program is delivering new or improved signals through 765 new mobile phone towers, to 32,000 homes and businesses across 86,000 square kilometres, bringing in coverage to 7600 major transport routes.

*4GX uses superior 700MHz spectrum that can go further than previous 4G frequencies, creating extra 4G coverage in rural and regional areas.