Bill Shorten will today be forced to break a core Labor promise on hospitals as a result of his massive budget black hole.

Mr Shorten will today confirm Labor’s $57 billion hospitals promise to the states and territories was never funded.

Mr Shorten will today make it clear Labor has no credible way to pay for – or deliver – its hospital promises.

Mr Shorten will today admit Labor’s relentless hospitals scare campaign targeting our most sick and vulnerable patients was nothing but a cruel hoax.

And, most importantly, Mr Shorten will today prove Australians cannot trust a word he or Labor says.

It is again clear Mr Shorten and Labor cannot pay for their promises and what they cannot pay for, they cannot deliver.

Mr Shorten’s reported refusal to offer states and territories any more than $2 billion extra for hospitals over the forward estimates, with no additional funding commitment over 10 years, is in direct defiance of his Shadow Health Spokesperson Catherine King:

“It’s been reported Malcolm Turnbull will be offering the states an additional $1 billion, $7 billion, and now $5 billion.

“No matter which of these reports is correct, this money is a drop in the ocean compared to the $57 billion the Coalition ripped from public hospital funding.”

–          Labor Shadow Health Spokesperson Catherine King – 30 May 2016 – Media Release

And his Shadow Treasurer Chris Bowen:

“Australia’s hospitals need a long-term proper funding package, one which doesn’t just get through to the next election but gets Australia’s hospitals through the next decade.

A band-aid package to get him through the next election is not an answer to Australia’s hospital crisis.”

–          Labor Shadow Treasurer Chris Bowen – 29 March 2016 – Doorstop

The Choice:

In contrast, a re-elected Turnbull Coalition Government will grow public hospital funding year on year.

In total, we are investing $95 billion in public hospitals over five years.

This funding is not only costed – it’s already guaranteed in the Budget for all to see.

Only a re-elected Turnbull Coalition Government can be trusted to deliver a real, affordable plan to fund our public hospitals.