Farrer MP Sussan Ley has warned that voting for an independent candidate or single interest party at the coming election, could lead to the Murray Darling Basin Plan being destroyed by the ALP.

According to Ms Ley, returning Labor to office at either a NSW or Federal level will be the worst possible outcome for communities throughout her electorate.

“This week’s decision by the ALP to oppose plans for a $5 billion drought future fund and remove a cap on Murray Darling buybacks proves the opposition will completely abandon rural Australia.

“The Labor Party’s backflip to remove the 1500gl cap on buybacks is not only treating people in the Basin with utter contempt, I promise you – it will be the final straw.

“People in my electorate want their elected representative to find solutions, not create more problems.

“The Liberal/National Government is investing billions of dollars in regional development programs, promoting sensible decentralisation policies, and spending record amounts to strengthen rural health and education needs.

“The arrival of another drought means irrigation communities in the Murray Darling Basin are staring over the cliff. Water allocations are low, or non-existent, and the price to buy is too high.

“After one of the toughest years on record, during which I’ve worked with irrigation communities to bring flexibility to the Plan, I am calling for an immediate independent assessment of environmental allocations and water entitlements to get the Basin Plan back on track.

“The bleak alternative is that Labor, Greens and Independents reproduce more years of division and chaos in our region.

“It is a risk communities across the Basin do not want to see repeated.”


Link here  for Sussan’s speech to Parliament – Drought Future Fund (Hansard) – 20 Feb 2019