From this week homes and businesses can access data packages of up to 300 gigabytes per month through nbn’s satellite service.

First announced in June this year, phone and internet providers have now started offering a 50 per cent increase in average wholesale peak downloads plans on the Sky Muster.

The move comes after concerns expressed by customers that the satellite ‘fair use’ policy was not supplying enough data. The Coalition Government had already doubled the data available to Sky Muster users by launching a second satellite a year ago today.

Sky Muster and Sky Muster II provide broadband services to 3 per cent of Australians, mostly in rural and remote areas, who would never be able to receive fast broadband any other way.

Over 9000 homes and businesses across Farrer can access the new packages which nbn is providing at no extra cost to retailers – so make sure you shop around to get the best price and data plan through a specialist Sky Muster service provider.

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