The former Prime Minister and Member for Cook, the Hon. Scott Morrison MP, has confirmed he will leave Australia’s Federal Parliament at the end February 2024.

Scott is a dear friend who has supported me from the very beginning of my career in public life, through to today. After a difficult period in my career, Scott Morrison as Prime Minister afforded me the great privilege of rejoining the Ministry, and then the Cabinet. I will always be grateful for his decision to entrust me with those ministerial portfolios, for the faith he placed in me by doing so and for his loyal support and friendship.

Scott’s departure marks the conclusion of a consequential contribution to Australia’s national story.

Scott made a significant difference in his sixteen years of service in the Parliament. He has been a strong local Member for Cook, served diligently as one of Tony Abbott’s most effective cabinet ministers and then contributed immensely as Malcolm Turnbull’s Treasurer.

As Prime Minister, Scott Morrison capably led Australia through turbulent times including through a once in a century pandemic. Other nations faced collapsing health systems, mass death and economic hardship, but under the national leadership of Scott Morrison our country remained stable and secure. Australia under Scott Morrison achieved one of the highest rates of vaccination, one of the lowest death rates across the world and record low unemployment.

Australia was a stronger nation at the conclusion of Scott’s prime ministership than it was at its beginning. That is the test of success for any prime minister.

Through his strategic foresight, industrious capacity and hard-won international credibility, he was the architect of the landmark AUKUS partnership, building it from the ground up. In the decades to come, the significance of AUKUS will come into even sharper focus as will the recognition of the contribution made by Scott Morrison.

Amidst the most challenging strategic circumstances since the Second World War, Scott Morrison made a critical contribution to the foundations of peace and stability across our region. He worked closely with our United States allies to reinvigorate the Quad with India and Japan, he prioritised Pacific relations and built up our standing across South-East Asia. As Prime Minister, Scott Morrison stood up to bullies and voiced uncomfortable truths on the global stage because he knew that weakness only invites aggression.

Scott Morrison is a great Australian, an unapologetic New South Welshman and a true Liberal. I sincerely thank him for his contribution to our great nation and wish him, Jenny, Abbey and Lily all the very best for their future. Federal Parliament’s loss is the Morrison family’s gain.