The Australian Government has compiled a list of responses to many of the questions being asked during the current bushfires affecting so much of our nation.

From emergency numbers to support available for impacted farmers and the agriculture sector, ongoing power or communication outages, through to air quality issues, many of the answers are on the National Bushfire Recovery Agency factsheet.

The Agency is also compiling a list of registered charities which are accepting tax deductible donations for bushfire relief and recovery.

If you are a registered charity with gift recipient status working to support bushfire recovery efforts, please contact the Australian Treasury at [email protected] if your charity does not appear on the list.

Unfortunately, there are some people who also seek to take advantage of Australian’s generosity at times like this. The ACCC has also set up a dedicated hotline to report such behaviour – you can call 1300 795 995 to report bushfire scams.

Local bushfire information and assistance is also available through Albury City Council & Greater Hume Council, or for NE Victorian residents please find the latest information from Emergency Victoria.

For information on emergency stock water and fodder, vet advice – please call 1800 814 647.