There is one little quote that explains why Bill Shorten tonight hid from announcing any real health policies or how Labor will pay for them.

“the opposition would be kidding itself if it didn’t recognise there were challenges in the budget and that savings needed to be found… There is no area that is going to be exempt.”
– Labor Shadow Health Spokesperson Catherine King – 22 February 2015 – Sky News

Mr Shorten tonight claimed Labor would make billions of cuts to the Budget to fund their policies.

It is now clear that means Medicare. That means Hospitals. That means Medicines. That means Dental. That means the Private Health rebate.

Just ask Labor’s Health Spokesperson Catherine King, who is at least being honest about Labor’s plans to cut billions from health:

“Just 18 months out from a severe defeat, people are seriously asking what sort of Government Labor would be. Well, when it comes to health I’d start by saying, look at our record.”
Catherine King – 17 March 2015 – Speech – Australian Health & Hospitals Association

Labor’s record of health cuts:

• Labor cut $1 billion from Medicare for Dental, and means-tested it.

• Labor cut $500 million from Medicare for Pathology.

• Labor cut $2.5 billion from Pharmacy and medicines.

• Labor blocked access to life-saving Medicines.

• Labor cut $664 million from GPs.

• Labor cut $4 billion from the Private Health Insurance rebate for consumers, and means-tested it.

Labor refuses to back its unfunded $57 billion hospitals promise