Federal MP Sussan Ley today wished every local student ‘good luck for 2019’ as children head back to school this week.

“To assist students and parents at each of Farrer’s 250 schools and early learning centres our government has developed a handy website and app, which can be used from the early years through to those approaching the end of high school.

“At www.learningpotential.gov.au you can search through a range of helpful tips and ideas on your child’s learning and development, no-matter what their age – topics ranging from sensory development activities for toddlers to helping with high school maths homework.

“We’re also playing a part by delivering record funding of $307.7 billion to all schools across Australia.

“Through the National School Reform Agreement we are ensuring states and territories implement improvements which can deliver better outcomes, more teachers and assistance and better facilities for our children.

“Just as importantly, we’re ensuring this record funding is matched with record reforms to improve how we educate our kids, with more support for teachers and a focus on students learning the core basics of literacy and numeracy.

“$92.8 billion will flow to NSW Government, Catholic and Independent schools across our state, but we can only afford this type of funding because the Morrison-McCormack Government is managing the national economy and keeping it strong.

“If you want more information on funding for a specific school, please get in touch.”

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