nbn local will host two community information sessions next week to help border residents and businesses continue making the switch to Australia’s new broadband network.

Residents and homeowners from the Albury, Jindera and Table Top area are invited to attend one of two nbn community information sessions this Monday 18th or Tuesday 19th June.

Federal MP Sussan Ley said with the existing Telstra copper network beginning to be decommissioned, up to three quarters of premises across Albury had already connected to the fixed-line network, which left 10,000 households and businesses yet to sign on.

Another 400 sites in Albury’s north still have the option to connect to the fixed wireless network.

“It is an enormous transfer of our local internet infrastructure – most people making the switch have experienced a smooth transition, but not everyone. There will also be home and business owners still a little uncertain on what to do, and which retail provider to choose.”

Amber Dornbusch, head of nbn local in New South Wales, said some areas of Albury have
just started disconnection and others are about to be. This community session will address all the information residents and businesses need around disconnection, and migrating to the nbn access network before existing services are switched off.

“In the Jindera/Table Top area we have held community information sessions previously, and committed to continue these so that residents and business owners can hear from nbn directly about remediation work under way to address speed and congestion experienced by some users in the area.

We encourage members of the community to attend and ask any questions they may have.”
The Information sessions will be held …

5:30pm to 7:30pm – Monday 18 June – Jindera Community Hub

5pm to 7pm – Tuesday 19 June – Albury Library Museum

nbn local – fast facts

The rollout of the nbn™ access network is one of the biggest transformations to Australia’s telecommunications industry to ever occur – it represents significant change for consumers and businesses as they make the move to the new network.

Once the nbn™ network goes live in a particular area, residents and businesses have an 18 month window to contact their preferred phone or internet provider, and make the switch.

nbn sends up to five reminder letters to premises in ‘ready for service’ areas during the 18 month migration period (in addition to material sent by the telcos)

We then send material via registered post to residential premises that have not yet connected five weeks prior to the disconnection date.

After this time, the nbn™ broadband access network will replace most existing landline phone and internet services and the copper network will be decommissioned.

The copper network within nbn™ Fixed Wireless and Sky Muster™ Satellite areas will not be switched off.

If premises are not serviceable at the time of disconnection, their line will be quarantined in order for the premise to physically retain a service.

Some home and business owners may also decide not to migrate to nbn as they prefer a mobile broadband only service or they have another provider.

People can find out whether they are eligible to connect and register for email updates by using the Check Your Address function at www.nbnco.com.au/switch