Born in Nigeria to British parents*, Sussan Ley spent her early childhood in the United Arab Emirates, before migrating to Australia at the age of 13 with her parents and older brother.

Schooled in the U.K., QLD and ACT, later tertiary study led to a Bachelor of Economics, Master of Taxation Law and a Master of Accounting. Before entering Federal Parliament, her career path was wonderfully varied, providing a range of ‘real life’ experiences.

Developing an early fascination with the skies and flying, a young Sussan worked a variety of odd jobs and hours to finance this passion, obtaining a Commercial Pilot’s License which she still holds.

This interest also led to work as an air traffic controller with Sydney and Melbourne Airports, aerial stock-mustering in outback New South Wales and Queensland before life on the land as a shed hand / shearers’ cook through a large chunk of rural Australia.

During a livestock and dairy farming partnership (near Tallangatta in North East Victoria) of seventeen years, Sussan experienced the highs and lows that routinely test the resolve of farming families.

Starting university when her first child turned one, would lead to ten years of part time study on the way to three children and three finance degrees. During this period Sussan certainly gained a deep appreciation of and continued support for rural-based educational institutions.

Still helping manage the farm Sussan took up a position with the Australian Taxation Office at Albury, graduating to the role of Director, Technical Training before seeking Liberal Party pre-selection for the Federal seat of Farrer in 2001.

The local election result was undecided for ten days with the new MP eventually installed by just 206 votes, a friend sending a congratulatory reminder that the Cessna 206, a popular bush utility plane, was also her favourite aircraft.

Returned as the Member for Farrer at seven subsequent elections, she has been allocated responsibility in a number of portfolio and policy areas during 20 years in Parliament, most recently as Shadow Minister for Women as well as the industry and business sectors for the 47th Parliament.

First and foremost a local MP, Sussan regards it as an honour to represent the people who live in a substantial part of regional NSW, making time to routinely travel throughout the electorate to listen to the views and concerns of her constituents.

She has become a strong advocate for many rural and regional issues, especially those which assist in bridging the ‘city v country divide’. She is particularly passionate about fostering decentralization, supporting our farmers, home grown food security, balancing water for agriculture and the environment as well as improving services for rural health.

Other interests and pursuits include an abiding interest in Middle Eastern politics, fitness and cycling and relaxing back with a ripping yarn, usually a true crime thriller.

Residing in Albury, Sussan maintains her enthusiasm for all things aeronautical, handy when getting around an electorate of 126 590 square kilometers, roughly the same size as New Zealand.

Perhaps little wonder she was dubbed early in her political career the ‘Farrer Flier’.

*Citizenship status


“As your elected representative in the Federal Parliament of Australia, I want to hear from you about the issues affecting the citizens and towns in Farrer, as well as provide my constituents with the most up to date information in Federal Parliament.

I hope this website helps me to achieve both these aims.

There are over 170,000 people in Farrer and they come from a diverse range of backgrounds. Equally diverse is the landscape of Farrer which currently borders Victoria and South Australia and stretches from Holbrook in the East, along the Murray River to Wentworth and takes in Carrathool Shire in the North. The most recent redistribution of boundaries (2016) saw Farrer include the Carrathool Shire, Griffith City, Leeton, Narrandera and Murrumbidgee local government areas.

I feel privileged to represent the wide range of people and industries which comes with such diversity and learning of the great things happening in our rural communities, listening to the concerns of constituents and tackling the problems of the electorate.

I encourage you to have a look around the website and explore the latest news about Farrer, and the Australian Parliament. Don’t forget to come back regularly to keep a close eye on what is happening at the local and national level.

I look forward to you contacting me with suggestions for the site or to discuss Federal Government issues.”

Sussan Ley
Federal Member for Farrer