I would like to take this opportunity to offer you my best wishes this festive season and for the year ahead.

After recent electorate boundary changes, it’s again been a pleasure to visit many of Farrer’s ‘newer’ communities this year. Hearing what the real world thinks (good or bad) and needs from its Federal MP is a vital part of my job.

Visiting a number of communities in recent weeks, there’s no doubt ongoing dry conditions continue to challenge our local irrigators and farmers, as well as businesses which also benefit when good seasons are experienced on the land.

The message I received is very clear; there is still more to be done to produce commonsense decisions on delivering water to grow food. It is the same message I send to both the Federal and NSW Water Ministers, while continuing to work with local organisations to find ways to deliver the water which creates our prosperity.

While we cannot always have the weather we want, having the right plans in place to support the needs of communities across Farrer is very important.

Better economic growth this year means we can allocate the nation’s tax dollars where most needed – in health, education and child care – and provide tax relief for small business to help create and boost employment wages and growth.

Funding for regional development programs, driving down domestic power bills
and other cost-of-living pressures will again be a key focus in 2019.

A special mention to our local police, medical staff and emergency services, each looking after us over the summer. And if you are near a waterway at some stage, please be watchful over youngsters and alert visitors to the risks posed when swimming in local rivers, dams or creeks.

Best wishes for a happy and safe holiday season.

Sussan Ley
Member for Farrer