Farrer MP Sussan Ley is encouraging border shoppers to #seewhatyouregetting through the Australian Government’s new food labelling regulations.

Since the introduction of reforms last year labels with the familiar kangaroo in a triangle logo are beginning to appear on products, making it clearer where the item you buy is grown, produced, made or packed.

According to Ms Ley “until now, it was hard to know the difference between descriptions such as ‘made in’ or ‘product of’ … the new labels allow you to make a clear and informed decision about the food you buy”.

“When you buy Australian produce, you are helping support Aussie jobs and the economy, and with so many great producers across Farrer you can also supporting our region’s future.”

The label changes mean…

• Most food produced, grown or made in Australia will have the kangaroo logo.
• Labels will tell you what percentage of ingredients come from Australia.
• Food packed in Australia will only feature a bar chart showing the percentage of Australian ingredients.
• For imported foods, the label will clearly show the country of origin.

The new country of origin labelling requirements came into effect last year (01 July) with a 24 month transition period, giving businesses time to manage the change while still selling existing stock.

The new labels apply to a range of food offered for retail sale in Australia, with the exception of food sold in restaurants, cafes, take-away shops or schools.

Imported foods that only undergo minor processing or packaging here cannot claim to be made in Australia or carry the logo.

More details are availbale at the Australian Government’s food labels website.