With counting from every polling booth in Farrer now complete, I want to take this opportunity to thank voters across the electorate for returning me as their local federal MP.

I also wish to thank the wonderful volunteers who ‘fly the flag’ for our side of politics, stood at polling booths for hours, and whose faith in me and the party did not waver. I am honoured and humbled by the support received last Saturday, which increased the two party preferred Liberal vote from a 10% margin in 2019 to 17.2% this time round. Thank you!

Congratulations also to each of the seven other candidates in the seat – thank you for putting your name forward in this important democratic process which is so fundamental to the free and open society we all enjoy.

I put my hand up to be your local MP because I care deeply about my communities and I want to see our region, and everyone in it, grow and prosper.

Regardless of the national outcome, my primary focus always remains on the electorate. We benefited from over half a billion dollars in additional programs and projects in just the last three years – an achievement which we were able to deliver, together.

I have thanked outgoing PM Scott Morrison for the opportunity to serve in his government, one which I believe managed the pandemic and the country extremely well. I accept the verdict of the Australian people and  congratulate incoming Prime Minister Albanese, while reminding him that we will hold his government to account every day, in every way.

With respect to the next parliament, I am listening to outgoing members and candidates to offer them support, and to understand the many issues affecting voting patterns across electorates. I am also keen to play my part in the Liberal leadership team as we rebuild for the future; matters my colleagues and I will discuss in coming weeks when we have the chance to gather and reflect on the weekend’s result.